Domenico Balsamo is an Italian visual artist working between Naples (Italy) and Madrid (Spain). With his architectural or sculptural installations he explores various ways of sharing memories and enters the fragile architecture of the space between people. His exhibitions involve audience as participants.

Each of his work can be touched, smelled, eaten or, in one word, lived as part of reality; but a misleading element, always present, opens up a critical reflection about the ambiguity of beauty, of sexuality, of love and crucial concerns about human nature and the fragility of relationships. His practice stimulates the memory of the observers and invites them to identify with artist and to find in each artwork a trace of their own relational experience with the other. Like the moon, each installation has a hidden side, which can not be seen, but which can be found by those who are incline not to accept the illusory aesthetic pleasure.


Solo exhibitions

2018 ”Carillon” Salerno-Lancellotti palace, Casalnuovo, Naples, Italy

2017 ”Coperta di sicurezza” Arakne communication, Naples, Italy

2016 ”Fake Paradise” Dino Morra contemporary art gallery, Naples, Italy

2015 “Evasioni” Minigarrery contemporary art gallery, Assisi, Italy

2014 “Evasioni” Essearte contemporary art gallery, Naples, Italy

2009 “Napoli Cultural Classic” Prize, Nola, Italy

2008 “L’arte nell’arte” Rocca dei rettori, Benevento, Italy


Group exhibitions

2015 “Cogli l’arte”, Complesso di San Francenso, Giffoni Valle Piana, Italy

2015 “The go between”, Capodimonte national museum, Naples, Italy

2015 “Sérieux s’abstenir” ArtMagna art gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium

2014 “Interni contemporanei”, Naples, Italy

2014 Percorsi d’arte nell’arte”, Rocca dei rettori, Benevento, Italy

2013Paleocontemporanea”, Catacombe di San Gennaro, Naples, Italy

2013 Vietato ai Minori”, Essearte contemporary art gallery, Naples, Italy

2013 Amor Sacro”, Museo Civico di Castelbuono, Palermo, Italy

2013 “Collettiva”, Essearte contemporary art gallery, Naples, Italy

2011 “POLIS”,Nea contemporary art gallery, Naples, Italy

2007 “L’arte nell’arte” Sannio national museum, Benevento, Italy

2005 “Moltiplicity”, Palazzo della provincia, Frosinone, Italy


 2014 Artem, Catalogo della mostra personale ”Evasioni”, loredana Rea